Other Stuff I've Made

Things I've made at some point - in school, at work, or on my couch.

Daiya Flatbreads

New Daiya Flatbreads are packed with flavor that's anything but flat.


The most outspoken and liberal generation yet is finally earning enough to think about their cash.
E*trade can improve their savings without compromising their morals.
Spread the Wealth.

Ellis Island Museum

Passing through Ellis Island was a brief chapter that changed the course of millions of stories.
Short Stories. Long Legacies.

Erin Hills Golf

Erin Hills is a US Open Championship golf course that encourages friends
and family to challenge themselves, and each other on every hole.

Best of Luck

I Created My Own Beer Brand

My best friend and I bonded over IPA styles during ad school orientation. So naturally we decided to brew our own beer in my mom's kitchen. We bottled and branded the product: Splintered Soul Brewing

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

The pink color true to Harmless Harvest coconut water is a badge of honor. it says, “we’re 100% us, we bottle 100% real coconut water, and we’ll change for nobody.” But we can’t just tell people we’re better, we have to tell them where to look for proof. Always Pure. Sometimes Pink.


By ordering your party goods through the Drizly app, you can stay in the moment. Don't Pause the Party.

McCain French Fries

A quick meal without the hassle.

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